Kelly Phillips Erb

Writer – Attorney – Schemer – Dreamer


You can visit Kelly’s author page at here for a list of her latest books.

100 Things You Need To Know About Money Before 35, published together with Forbes.

This eBook is a financial “cheat sheet”—a collection of the 100 most important money tips, written by Forbes’ top personal finance writers, who have learned invaluable lessons from their own financial blunders. You’ll read about everything from banking, student loans, IRAs and 401(k)s to mutual funds and buying a home.

Kelly wrote the introduction, two chapters and the glossary for this book.

Home, Sweet Rental: Busting The Myth Of Home Ownership, published together with Forbes.

In this book, Kelly and her co-author (and husband), J. Christopher Erb bust the stigmas surrounding renting, help you find the perfect rental, and most importantly, give you the tools to negotiate a lease that meets your needs. This is a must-read for those who want a smarter, thoughtful approach to buying or renting a home.

Ask the TaxGirl: Everything Parents Should Know About Filing Taxes (Including Child Care Expenses, Medical Costs, and the Earned Income Tax Credit), published together with Forbes.

Inside this book, you’ll get the skinny on the basics like filing status, claiming dependents, and determining exemptions. You’ll also find helpful information about how to deduct expenses associated with raising kids, including the costs of medical care and child care. Kelly tackles a number of tricky credits and deductions including the ever popular, and much maligned, earned income tax credit.

Estate Planning in Pennsylvania, 2012 Edition (Chapter, Pennsylvania Bar Institute).

Whether you are handling your first or your hundredth estate planning matter, Estate Planning in Pennsylvania gives you the practical, real-world information needed for planning and drafting documents. This book takes you from the initial stage of interviewing the client to terminating representation and discusses a myriad of estate planning issues that crop up in between.

Careers in Tax Law: Perspectives on the Tax Profession and What It Holds for You (Chapter, ABA, 2009).

Designed for those considering or beginning a career in tax law, this informative guide presents a series of offerings — autobiographies in miniature — by a broad cross section of working tax professionals. Each contribution stands as a unique story of paths taken, choices made, and lessons learned. Each adds to a composite portrait of the profession and its possibilities for the next generation of tax lawyers.

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