Kelly Phillips Erb

Writer – Attorney – Schemer – Dreamer


Kelly has authored a number of blogs over the years, including those for Disney’s, SheKnows, Trulia, and AOL’s WalletPop. She currently writes for:


Taxgirl (

Because paying taxes is painful… but reading about them shouldn’t be.

Taxgirl is an award-winning blog covering tax policy, tax information, and tax news. It includes features, interviews and other promotions with tax professionals, taxing authorities and government entities.

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One comment on “Blogs

  1. Jeffrey VP
    May 2, 2013

    I am not buying the “no teeth” part of the discussion. I have seen too many abuses by the IRS and what is the point if there is no real enforcement mechanism? What about the order of assessment? If they assess the health “tax” first then the income tax on your return; your tax withholding gets applied to the the healthcare shared responsibility, penalty/tax first then what is left is ordinary tax debt which can incur all of the normal enforcement of liens, levies, garnishments. Just sayin…. The same could affect an employer with 941 deposits; the IRS assesses the health tax/penalty and the 941 payment goes towards the health tax rather than the 941 payment and then not only the enforcement mechanisms kick in but also FTP penalties! Any thoughts?

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